Fine Barley Groats 4x100g (4x3.5oz)
  • Fine Barley Groats 4x100g (4x3.5oz)

Fine Barley Groats 4x100g (4x3.5oz)


We are inspired by our tradition in groats processing that has been handed down from generation to generation. A family enterprise, our company has been operating in the present format since 1990.

Apart from groats, we offer such agricultural produce searched for on the market of wholefoods: split peas, beans, linseed, poppyseed, porridge oats, barley flakes, rice flakes and wheat bran.

Throughout the years we have been witnessing the increase in the awareness of the importance of a healthy diet, especially among the young generation of consumers. We have extended our offer by BIO products in order to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Our products reach the most significant Polish and foreign customers. We have built our brand focusing on the highest quality, as well as partnership.

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